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Tutorial 2: Finding an Equine Facility, Business, or Organization

Map Cluster Markers

Many online mapping facilities become unusable because they try to mark too many locations in a small area – markers overlap each other making it impossible to select a specific one.

The Equine Guide uses a unique Green Cluster Marker for each area where markers are too densely concentrated. Visitors can simply click on this unique marker to reveal the list of businesses and organizations represented by the cluster marker.

The number displayed on the Cluster Marker represents the number of listings within.

Occasionally you will encounter a cluster marker containing two or more listings that have the same business or organization's listing title. This occurs when a certain business or organization offers services or products for more than one category and you have selected to show both or all of these categories at the same time. In these cases a different subcategory marker will be shown next to each listing in the Cluster Group Popup but the information contained within each listing will be the same.

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