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Tutorial 2: Finding an Equine Facility, Business, or Organization

Map Categories

The Equine Guide classifies equestrian businesses and organizations into different content categories. Each category is further subdivided in to sub categories. All categories and sub-categories are stored as individual categories and are shown in the All Markers Sidebar.

Every category and subcategory can be shown or hidden from being displayed on the map by toggling the checkbox next to each category and subcategory name.

Click on the Category Name or Category Folder of the topics you're interested in. Sub-categories appear.

Check sub-categories that you're interested in; uncheck those that you're not. If you're interested in all sub-categories for a category, check the category itself instead.

As you check and uncheck, various markers will be shown or hidden from view. Also, the numbers in the green cluster markers on the map will change. Some may appear when you add a checkmark; some may disappear when you remove a checkmark.

Note: When the Equine Guide Map first loads, the only visible category is "Stables & Riding". All subcategories of this topic are also shown.

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